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Two component polyurethane foaming system
The product is used in FIPFG and the molded foaming gasket. which is mainly divided into the thixotropic system and the liquid system.The hardness of the gasket is adjusted by the ratio of the two-component material.
Thixotropic system material: RAKU-PUR 32 series
²  Room temperature foaming and cure
²  High viscosity
²  Low fluidity
²  Good for 2D and 3D structure
²  Smooth/optically attractive surface
²  Dense internal structure
²  Low water absorption
²  High mechanical strength
²  High tensile strength
²  High anti-tangential force
²  Good Compression recovery
²  Waterproof level compliant with product IP65-67
²  Long-term temperature resistance -40 ℃ to 100 ℃ / short-term up to 140 ℃
²  With relevant ROSH and SGS certification
²  Compliant with UL50 and UL50Ecertification
Some special materials compliant with UL94 HF-2 and VOC certification
This series of products are mainly used in automobile manufacturing, electronic control cabinet and radiator filters and other industries, such as 32-3250,32-3250-8, 32-3250-11, 32-3250-22 and so on.
At the same time, RAMPF has also developed rapid foam material, material type: 32-3278-1, 32-3250-37-1, 32-3250-40-2, etc., to shorten the foaming drying time, rapid prototyping, better Optimized the production cycle of the automotive industry and increased efficiency.
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